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P.C. Melody Gurguis

Snapshot: Souls Aligned

A glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven was revealed to me as I shared a special moment with the folks at the Mary Martha Home for the Aged. This Saturday, Carly and I went for a visit to spend time with the residents. I have been conducting therapeutic music sessions at this facility, and even brought my music therapy team in January. The past month has been hectic, leaving no time for me to visit all my Ammayas and Tatayas (Grandmas and Grandpas). In the auto on the way to Lakkavaram, I just prayed in my heart that God would lead me to give these people exactly what they needed that day.

I came to know that one of the residents had recently passed, and his wife was in the hospital. My heart hurt for her and the others in their community, so I was extra intentional about following the Lord's leading during our time.

When Carly and I arrived, we met each individual by shaking hands and expressing greetings in our limited Telugu. We asked how they were, and many complained of bodily ailments and pain. One woman Subbamma, gestured to her leg, which had recently undergone surgery. Carly took this as an opportunity to pray for her. When we finished, all the other residents were calling us over to also pray for them.

I kneeled down next to Suryamma, one of my favorite ladies (pictured below). Every time I visit her, we exchange a few words in Telugu, I nod my head (even when I can't understand her), and she pinches my cheeks and hugs me. As Carly prayed, I held her hand, and she held my face close to hers as if I were her own granddaughter.

In that moment, I felt some divine hope that I will be reunited with Suryamma one day in heaven. I have a hope that she'll remember me. I know I won't forget her. And we will stand together in an embrace, just like that, worshipping together.

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